8/30/2017-9/1/2017: The "Wear it on Your Favorite 1.12 Hand" Update


Posted: 2 months ago

Last Edited: 2 months ago

* Server software has been updated from Minecraft version 1.8.8 to Minecraft version 1.12.1. This means that you can no longer join the server with versions 1.8-1.11. Only 1.12 and 1.12.1 are supported

* All Command Blocks and show files have been updated to use 1.12 command syntax

* Balloons, ArmorStand saving, and other features have been updated to work with 1.12

* Teleports, Bans, Kicks, Command Spy, Cast Member authentication, and Guest join/leave messages have been changed to use custom MCParks developed systems

* Permissions have been changed to a format that allow for them to be better shared across servers

+ New Guest "Welcome Home" notifications now broadcast to all servers, not just WDW

+ A new syntax has been added to the show plugin, allowing our Technicians to more effectively create shows

+ Technicians can now utilize "lasers" in shows, creating lines of particles that can be animated
+ MagicBands have been added to MCParks. You can find it in the first slot of your hotbar.

+ The "Attractions/Theme Parks" menu was added to the MagicBand. Click on it to see a list of servers. Click on a server to see a list of Theme Parks on that server. Right click a Park to travel to it (regardless of which server you're on). Left click a Park to view the Attractions in that Park. Left click an Attraction to travel to it (again, regardless of which server you're on)

+ The "Options" menu was added to the MagicBand. Choose a MagicBand color, between Gray, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, or Orange. Your choice will persist after you log out.

+ The "Support/Feedback" menu was added to the MagicBand. Click it to get a link to a Feedback Google Form in chat. Please post all feature suggestions and bug reports here

+ If you lose your MagicBand, you can bring it back by relogging or with /magicband

+ The MCParks Official Resource Pack has been updated to version 1.1. It currently houses textures for the MagicBand, as well as menu icons that can be viewed in the MagicBand.

+ The MCParks Official Resource Pack has been added to server textures. Automagically download it!

+ Should you not be able to automagically download the pack, use command /rp on Walt Disney World to be given a link.

Known Bugs

- The text "Left click to equip this Magic Band" duplicates itself in the Options menu
- TrainCarts is broken on some rides (e.g. Rip Ride Rockit and several attractions in Busch Gardens Tampa)
- Hotel rooms currently cannot be booked
- Emporium, Pop Shop, and other gift shops are currently closed
This is an exciting time for MCParks. We have officially begun the era of "gameification." If you haven't heard me rant about this yet, essentially, I'm working towards a longstanding goal to turn MCParks into something like an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game), with achievements, statistics, in-game item economies, and more! This update is the first step to making that happen.

Let's talk about the MagicBand. Much like the MagicBand is your key to the magic at Walt Disney World, it will be your hub to all things relating to the upcoming features of MCParks. Currently, it's a navigation/transportation tool that will help you travel to the various parks/attractions on MCParks. What's cool about this is that all of the data about the attractions is being pulled periodically from an online database. This gives us ultimate flexibility in how we edit this information. When a ride opens/closes, for example, this information will be reflected in your MagicBand and anywhere else we decide to use the data. Examples of this could be here on the website, in a mobile application, etc. Imagine a dedicated page on our website for every attraction on the server, with up-to-date information about how many people have ridden that ride today, whether it's open, and more. The possibilities are endless. We've rewritten our ban systems, player tracking systems, and more to use databases for this ease of access of data.

I'm sure you've realized that you can change the color of your MagicBand. This is just the beginning of customization, just you wait ;)

The Resource Pack will be used to add new icons and items to MCParks, but we currently have no plans to change block textures. It's important to us that you can use any pack you'd like to get the full experience!

Something else I'm excited about is the new syntax for our show plugin. It's much more flexible than the previous syntax, and will make it easier for our Technicians to work together on shows, work on different parts of the show at different times, or edit the show later. I can't wait to see it used on a larger scale.

I'm also super excited for the future. This update represents a new era for MCParks, the beginning of a new age of gameification. I can't wait to share all the ideas I've been thinking up with all of you.

Also, special thanks to the Cast Members who helped us update. W2 help extensively with the Resource Pack, as well as populating the database. Our technicians also were VERY helpful in updating the attractions that broke in the update.