Server Rules


Posted: 1 year ago

Last Edited: 4 months ago

The following are the rules currently enforced by the staff of MCParks. These rules can also be found at /Warp Staff on the WDW Server and in the #rules chat on our Discord. All chat and behaviour related rules apply to the Server, Discord, Website and any other place run by MCParks:

Discord Rules:
1) Use appropriate language at all times.
2) Make sure you use appropriate profile pictures.
3) Please only share appropriate links/images/files and do not send invites to other Discords.
4) Respect other Guests and Cast Members at all times.
5) Do not spam the chats.
6) Do not advertise.
7) All other server rules apply on the Discord as well.

Server Rules
1) Please Listen to Cast Members at all times
2) Please be respectful to everyone on the server and server related platforms
3) Please do not use foul language in chat or private messages
4) Do not ask staff about the status of applications
5) Do not grief or attempt to break a build you did not make on both the main and Creative Servers
6) Please stay inside the park/road area of the servers.
7) Please do not spam chat with random characters or caps
8) Please do not advertise any other servers, channels, or social media
9) hacked Clients which include No Clip, Fly or other mods are banned on the server
10) Please do not share personnal info on the server
11) Please keep Religious, Political, Racial and other sensitive personal views off the server
12) Do not download/reupload any map claiming it as your own.
13) Don't excessively ask for games/meet and greets as they will be run when our Guest Relations are free to run them!
14) Please do not spoil any major movie on the server (Star Wars, Avengers, Etc) This may result in a ban.