MCParks Leadership Changes 2017


Posted: 1 year ago

Hey Everyone!
So if you've been active in the past few days you may have noticed different ranks have appeared on the server. What you may have noticed is that the "Manager" rank seems to have disappeared and in it's place are two ranks called "Lead" and "Executive" Well we are now ready to officially announce our changes in Leadership effective immediately. Please read the following statment from Owner Ryan Hecht for all the detials;

Ryan Hecht, Owner
*For Public Release at 1/4/17 Meeting*
Leadership Jumpstart: Our Plan of Action
First off, I’d like to thank everyone for their continued dedication and support to MCParks through 2016. It was an interesting year, with Darren moving to Florida and me starting college, but we celebrated a myriad of accomplishments including the launch of MyMusic+, the completion of New MK, the opening of New USO, and the debut of proper ArmorStand animations that kickstarted amazing attractions made by our techs. We welcomed over 30,000 new guests to MCParks this year, bringing our total to over 80,000 unique guests. We sold over 30 shirts as part of our TeeSpring campaign, and have been graciously supported by donors for another year. I’m proud of the work we’ve done.
That’s not to say that 2016 was without its problems. With the increasing absences of our Owners, management became more and more inconsistent. We burned through a few tech managers, and our two veteran Imagineer managers have been stepping back to pursue valuable real-life goals. The lapses in leadership became more apparent when I began the fall semester, and project progress and hiring has suffered.
I’ve listened to the suggestions of our Cast Members, and made some observations; and those along with my three and a half years (jeeze, has it really been that long?) of experience on MCParks have guided me in crafting some structural changes that will hopefully give the server’s leadership the jumpstart it needs to see progress rev-up once more. Hopefully some fresh faces in leadership roles can make some changes our departments can definitely use to grow.
We’ve been extraordinarily lucky the past few years to have people that have been fantastic managerial candidates who have run their departments and been an administrative face for the server exceptionally well (special shoutout to W2D5W8, our longest standing non-Darren Cast Member). However, not everyone’s cut out to do both. It is our belief that separating the responsibilities of Managers into two groups of leaders will allow for more opportunities for more people to be leaders and get some fresh ideas of how to make our team more effective.
The “Manager” rank will be changed to “Lead,” a word whose connotation sounds a bit more collaborative, and is symbolic of the culture shift I hope this will bring. The new “Administration” group will be called the “Executives” (again, a word I think sounds a bit less harsh). Leads will be in charge of their respective department--they’ll have the power to scout and hire new Cast Members, appoint Project Leads, assign people to project teams, administer reviews of their Cast Members, potentially remove them, and decide what the focuses of the department will be. All of this, of course, is subject to Owner approval as it always has been. Executives exist to be the public faces of the server when an Owner is not available, run official social media channels like @MinecraftParks alongside Owners, delegate responsibilities on @MCParksToday, help dissolve inter-CM conflicts, run meetings, manage the Discord server, etc, all of the responsibilities Managers currently have not related to their department.
The new Leads and Executives have already come to me with some awesome ideas for 2017, and I can’t wait for their implementation. These fresh faces on the leadership team are exactly what we need for increased progress and more wonderful experiences for our guests to immerse themselves in. See below for the new leadership team of MCParks!

Lead of Guest Relations

Lead Imagineers

Lead Technicians

The Executives