How to get premium?

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Posted: 10 months ago

I'm about to purchase minecraft java edition, and I'm confused with how to receive a premium account. Do I just download the java edition, type the server in and I'm in the parks, or does joining require more steps?(Im new to the desktop versions of minecraft)


Posted: 10 months ago

Go to and click the "Buy Minecraft" button that should appear in the middle of the screen. Put in you're information and go through with the purchase. Then download the Minecraft launcher from load it up and put in the Email and Password that you just created. Once you're loaded to the Minecraft homepage click on Multiplayer then at the bottom of the screen click Add Server then type in the following

Server Name: MCParks
Server Address:

After that just Double click on the MCParks server in your Multiplayer menu and you should be able to join. If all else fails. Google is your friend.