Server Suggestion: User Ease


Posted: 10 months ago

This may be a bit long...

While I was on today, I noticed an abundance of users asking what rides there were, and how to get there. I myself got my new friend Nate completely turned around trying to find my hotel room... I feel that a list of attractions in each park, with full names, would be extremely helpful. Similarly, it also seems that the general opinion is that it's hard to get around without using warps. As I said above, it is hard to find specific parts of attractions, such as hotel/resort rooms. If this is an oversight, it would be helpful to have a minimap mod, or at least stations at the entrances which give actual maps. If this is NOT an oversight, and is simply a ploy to get users to spend money on the Fly perk, then this is getting in the way of the full experience.

As another comment, I have been writing down the usernames of the people I meet. It is rather tedious, so I feel it would also be helpful to have an official 'friends' feature, so you can automatically request a teleport.

It's hard to get around! Maps might be a good idea, as well as an in-game system to remember people you meet.

Soul (Assasinbrine243)


Posted: 10 months ago

I mean the parks and resorts are all 1:1 scale models of real life parks and resorts. This means that everything is located in the same spots as they are in real life. If you are familiar with the real life parks then finding your way around is actually very easy. A lot of people on the server are big fans of the Disney and/or Universal parks so they know their way around. If you are unfamiliar with the real life parks then googling a map of the park you are in will list all the attractions and their locations. the Guest Relations the server will also gladly tour you around and tell you attraction warps. We are planning on having an in game menu system that has all the important warps and other useful information however coding plugins like that is a difficult process and takes time to implement.