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Posted: 11 months ago

1: I would like you to have fast pass for line I don't care if i have to pay. Just keep it like $20 and I would pay.
2: Hollywood universal, I would love you to do that and I wish if you do it make the studio tour A.K Tram tour. And plz add it. If you do,
3: Add more rides You have like no rides. Just can you put a date at least
4: Can you do japan too universal Japan. I really wish you would do that so I can have the Jaws Ride
5: If you can have the Jaws ride some where I don't care where kjust can you
6: Can you do minecraft PE I would like to see a Pe Version So I can do more there.


Posted: 11 months ago

1: I don't see much need for a fastpass line on a server where you hardly have to wait but you never know what will come out in the future.
2: Universal Hollywood has been talked about in the past but if it does happen it won't be until after our current projects are done
3: We are constantly working on new rides. We have a smaller staff team than other servers so they take a bit longer to roll out but they are coming. Come to our meetings for more information.
4/5: We will be having Tokyo Disneyland coming soon. As for universal it's in the same boat as Hollywood. Maybe when some other projects are done.
6:See other post about the PE Server.