Some things I think would be cool if added


Posted: 11 months ago

#1: The Transformers Ride: Ever since I joined the server I notice that the Transformers ride isnt complete. Every time I ask them they say that it is still being built and I should be patient. Well, I think you should be able to create a short ride like transformers in a few months, I dont think it should take you several years...

#2: Creative Plots: Just yesterday I was griefed. I made a series of sky islands and someone poured water all over them. I think it would be best if you made peoples builds untouchable unless the player invites said person. (Also on my Halloween area, can someone pls tell staff to stop removing the guillotine? Thx.)

#3: USH: As a california resident, my favorite place to go is Universal Studios Hollywood. I live about a 1 hour drive away from there and I frequently go during the summer. It would really be awesome if you guys could add this.

#4: Friendlier Staff: A while ago I said crap and a staff member said "language, pls." So as a joke I started speaking spanish, and he muted me. I didnt really find that fair as I was assuming he was able to take a joke. Also, one time the chat was cleared and when I asked a staff member he said "Its none of your business. Dont ask again." Not a very customer friendly remark...

So thats my list! Thank u for reading


Posted: 11 months ago

#1 is likely going to happen sometime after our current projects are complete as our goal is to make the most complete parks possible.
#2 Has happened before and was removed due to issues. Whether it will return or not is a decision for Ryan/Darren
The idea for #3 has been tossed around before and is probably possible for the future although we have no direct plans for it now
Finally I don't believe #4 is even an issue. See we have Rules on the server for a reason. If you break them, even by joke, you will be told not to. The GR Team, I believe, is very friendly and helpful as long as you are following the rules and when you break them consequences will happen. So breaking rules for a joke is a really bad idea. Also the reason for Chat Cleal, Kick, Bans, Mutes, etc is confidential and the staff will not give out any info about them.