Rockin Roller Coaster Bugs + Living with the Land bugs.


Posted: 1 year ago


I have noticed two bugs with the Rockin Roller Coaster:

1. as you can see there is a missing block there, it is in the fastpass queue.

2. MyMusic+ is not working on Rockin Roller Coaster, which it says on a sign before the ride that it works.

I am not completely sure if this is a bug, but on Living with the Land, there seems to be no messages in the chat and the only messages that appear are title messages that appear to say STAY IN THE BOAT!!! I am unsure if this is a bug, but it could be as I see a lot of activator rails on the track that don't seem to do anything.

Thanks in advance,



Posted: 1 year ago

The Rockin' Roller Coaster missing block was fixed. The audio on the Rockin' Roller Coaster does work, you may have to clear your browser cache data, if any audio attractions due not play audio as it will resend your audio instead of using a cache audio file.

The Living with the Land messages are tell raw that work if you are on 1.10.2 or bellow and that goes with most of the rides, some use a different format than tell raw that work on 1.8.X to 1.11.X and above. The title message was removed as that was put in a long time ago.

Thank you for the bug reports and enjoy MCParks.

~Eric (etdt12344)
Lead of Technician Department