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(Note: I have no intention to hurt or offend staff or Darren and Ryan in there questions)

I have a few questions for Darren and Ryan, concerning MCParks. I would like to note that I would like Darren and/or Ryan to answer these questions, not staff. Here are my questions:

First off, do you have any future plans to adding theme parks, besides Tokyo Disneyland? We haven't seen a new theme park since 2015. It would be fresh to see some new theme parks.

Are there any plans to work on any parks not named USO or WDW? BGT and DL haven't been worked on in over a year and Custom is basically abandoned.

How do you accept applications and decline them? Is it decided by you guys or is it a vote or something else?

Darren, do you have any plans to do more for MCParks or is work getting in the way? Does your experience at Disney help apply to MCParks?

Ryan, how do you feel you have impacted MCParks, while Darren has been busy? You are the more active of owners.

How do you react to Creative's current state and accusations about staff mistreating and unreasonably banning guests?

Do you have any plans with Creative to bring new guest and bring back old ones?

How do you think you have done with MCParks for the past 4 years?

Do you plan to expand MCParks in any way?

And, finally, is there the possibility of adding a third owner, who can be more active? If so, how would they be chosen?

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your responses!


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Hey Tyler, thanks for the questions! I'll answer all of them except the one specifically addressed to Darren:

1) There aren't any concrete plans for new parks, we're focusing currently on making the best experiences at what we consider our "flagship" parks: Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. We feel that focusing on these two properties is the best allocation of our resources to create the best experiences possible.

2) This ties in to my answer to Question 1. Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando are, in our eyes, our flagships, and we've made the active decision to stay laser-focused on these properties. We've been at this for four years now, and we've realized that when there are too many parks being worked on, not very much gets done in any of them. Essentially, if we make our focus too wide, none of its targets get sufficient attention. Also, keep in mind that between WDW and USO, there are 6 theme parks, 3 water parks, and almost 30 resort hotels, as well as two shopping/entertainment districts. There's probably more actual stuff in these two properties than are in all of our other properties combined.
As far as Disneyland is concerned, we have three Imagineers who split their time between Tokyo Disneyland and the Disneyland Resort, and most recently have been spending their limited time on Tokyo. As previously mentioned, we can't allocate a massive amount of resources to this project for fear of neglecting our flagships which have many active projects of their own (Volcano Bay, Islands of Adventure, Animal Kingdom, Epcot area resorts, Disney get the picture :p).
However, we just built a new park on Custom for PlanetMinecraft's Theme Park build contest! Fjellthorpe was an excellent way for our Imagineers to recharge after a busy couple of months, and we're really happy with how it turned out!

3) Applications are read by our team of Leads and Executives. The Leads, as you know, are in charge of their respective rank--Guest Relations, Imagineers, or Technicians, and thus they mostly read applications for the rank they lead. The Executives and Owners give their input as well in the form of comments on the applications and discussion in our private Discord channels. If the Leads of the rank in question decide that they want to hire an applicant, an Owner must sign off on it, and then they're hired!

4) Not really a question for me :p

5) I've been here for three and a half years now, and have been an Owner since May 2014. Some of my favorite accomplishments have been migrating our data from our singular Craftbukkit server to the multi-server BungeeCord setup we enjoy today, creating the Technician rank (Guest Relations used to be in charge of making shows!), and creating custom software to make our experiences even better (ArmorStand animations, enhancements to the show plugin, balloons, characters, etc). But I haven't done it alone. Even though Darren's been busy in Florida for the past year now, his guidance has never really left, and we still routinely talk about important decisions before they're made. Also, with the recent overhaul of the management team, I have an excellent team of Leads and Executives who can help me make decisions when needed as well.

6) To be honest, I don't hear too much about problems on creative, so I'm not particularly familiar with any situation that may be going on. Of course, I invite anyone who has a specific problem to message me on Discord, and if you feel that you were banned unfairly and would like chat logs/some other server record to be brought up defending your case, mention my name in your ban appeal and I'll try to help you out!

7) We don't really make any moves specifically aimed at increasing the amount of players on Creative. We are, after all, a theme park server, so we put most of our managerial energy towards ensuring that the experiences in the parks are reaching their potential. However, I can share with you the big news that was announced at the meeting last night: Creative will be the second MCParks server (after Custom) to receive 1.11! Complete with TrainCarts and (hopefully) full plugin functionality!

8) I'm thrilled with how MCParks has progressed since I arrived on the scene in August 2013. We've ascended from Main Street, USA and half of the hub in Magic Kingdom to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Disneyland, Busch Gardens Tampa, three custom parks, half a dozen resort hotels, a creative server, and a community of over 85,000 unique guests, some of whom I've gotten the distinct pleasure to know pretty well over the years. We've had hundreds of Cast Members in the last four years; they've all been incredibly talented people who will no doubt do some awesome things with their life. I've made some great friends, worked on some great projects, and I think we've created an amazing way to experience theme parks in Minecraft!

9) After finishing up my software engineering class this semester, my theme for software this summer is "gameification" ...get ready!

10) I don't think Darren and I are interested in adding a third Owner to our rank. We introduced the Executive and Lead ranks as ways to increase the number of people with leadership roles, and this has worked fantastically thus far. We'll probably add people these teams when we feel additional leadership is required.

I hope I answered your questions well, if you have any additional questions, or don't think I answered these to your satisfaction, don't hesitate to ask! I'm off to class now, see ya real soon!


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Well answered, my friend.


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Being totally honest with you, working for Disney has halted my ability to work on the server actively for a little bit, when the parks are busy in peak times, you can expect to not see me around for a week but, when they're slow I can dedicate a little more time here. Also, many things I do in real life can correlate to what we all do here on the server, it's a very fluid system we have!

I think Ryan answered everything else perfectly, so I'll just leave it at that!