Staff Complaint


Posted: 1 year ago

Last Edited: 1 year ago

So recently I've seen a lot of staff threatening to mute/ban people over the tiniest things, I was reading GamerAPT4's ban appeal and I think some of the stuff you guys do is really unfair. Even in my appeal I was muted because I was just joking around with a guest relations member, I really didn't mean any harm and I got muted. I'm not saying you guys are a bad server, I'm just saying you guys could maybe calm down with the whole "Respect my authority or die" kind of attitude. I know this will porbably get deleted and I'll probably get banned from the server, but please read this before doing anything about it. I'm also tired of people trying to write ban appeals and get corrected by a staff member and have to rewrite it all over again.

-rumbleterrorxp, a player of mcparks


Posted: 1 year ago

Hello rumble!
Thank you for your feedback! I am sorry if it ever seems that way, and you can always let us know if you have any comments. We use a warning system, and we base any current mutes or bans off of any previous warnings, mutes, or bans. You can always appeal no matter what the situation is, and all we ask is to use proper formatting. If you have been banned many times before, it is a possibility that the appeal could be denied just at that time, but you can appeal again in the future. Also, sometimes, in ban appeals you do not hear the full story. We try to keep everyone's bans or mutes confidential so it's just between them and the server, which avoids confusion for other Guests. As for any unfair mutes or bans, like I said, you can always appeal and state that you felt that it was unfair. Just make sure you explain why, and say the whole situation. With you being muted after messaging a Guest Relations Cast Member, I don't know the whole story, but if you had been muted or had previous warnings then that is when you would have been muted. We do not mute or ban someone first, we give warnings and temporary mutes or tempbans. I promise you we do not have any extremely strict guidelines, and all we ask is for everyone to follow our rules and always be appropriate. If you have any further questions or concerns, we will be more than happy to address them, so please let us know! Always know that you will never be punished for giving us feedback.

Thanks again,
Kaley (Kae_)