Some Suggestions


Posted: 1 year ago

These are just some Suggestions I would like to see be added onto the server to create a more magical experience. Ive numbered them from 1-7, one being the suggestion I would want to see the most.

7. Bring back plots on creative- I think many people would like Plots to come back onto creative because not a lot of people really like to actually build on the flat world because of constant griefing and trolling by other players(NOT saying the flat world is bad because I think its amazing) and if you do add plots back It would be cool if they were HUGE.

6. More characters on the main- Just a simple request, more characters to enhance guest experiences.

5. Update the website- I suggest small updates like updating the Park/Servers tab so that when you click on it you would see all the parks on the server and when you click on them there could be a list of all rides open on the server and upcoming rides.

4. The Staff/Donor tab- Maybe a tab listing everyone who donated on the server and listing all staff members that currently work on the server.

3. Balloons- Just a simple suggestion adding balloons onto the server that you could buy at various balloon stands across the parks with in game money.

2. Update Custom- I know this is a pretty big suggestion and that there are other projects going around on the server but this is just a suggestion and doesn't really have to be taken into full account. I think that the custom server is pretty in a pretty low state at the moment and is kinda forgotten by some of the community(Not a lot really know it exist tbh..). I think the server needs some love and new rides should be added unto the server I know there are other projects going on but I (Maybe other people) just feel like this server needs some more love.

1. Advertisement- Just as the title says, more advertisement; it can be any social media websites like youtube or twitter. I just think the server needs to be put more out there to bring new guest and a larger community, maybe for youtube the Mcparks channel could post ride throughs of the most popular rides on the server.