Staff Exclusive To The Creative Server


Posted: 1 year ago

This is only a suggestion. I know many of the regulars left and creative is no longer the popular server it once was. And I know exactly why. A lot of the regulars I know have told me the reason they've left is the "mistreatment" with staff. Now I am not saying any of the staff mistreats guests, but the regulars are. I personally believe they left because drama was getting WAY out of hand and staff was rarely if ever on creative to deal with it, so we were left to fend for ourselves. It's sad to hear that many staff have just given up on this server. I know Ryan, Darren, and even Paxtons are really the only ones who care, and I mean REALLY care. This is why i'm proposing an entire staff dedicated to the creative server. Not just anyone from the main servers, but people who are constantly on creative, possibly even bringing the regulars back. People who know the creative community inside and out. People who actually care. They would and could tell the issues immediatly and fix them. It's time we actually start to give a crud about this server, because it is a server part of the MCParks family. Thank you.


Posted: 1 year ago

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They all left because a bunch of their friends were banned for griefing. lol.

And those who were banned aren't being unbanned.


Posted: 1 year ago

Darren is right. I got banned and then it was a domino effect. Yeah, drama lead up to it but would we all quit if I didn't get banned, no!


Posted: 1 year ago

I got banned for no reason :/


Posted: 11 months ago