Death threats (joking death threats, we were doing a fake argument)


Posted: 2 months ago

Last Edited: 2 months ago

Username: Tropic_wolf
Date Banned On: 9-4-17
Ban Reason: Death threats
Why You Should be Unbanned: I was joking around with littlehead123, doing a fake argument and such, he made fun of my dead chicken, so I said that he was rude, and bullying me. Then I told him to choke on a magic band. It was honestly pretty funny to be honest he thought it was funny too but I guess staff didn't know it was fake so I was banned. Oof. Oh well, cya.


Posted: 2 months ago

I realize that this was in a joking manner however it was still breaking the rules and so for the safety of everyone we have to ban you. If you had, for example, accidentally messaged the wrong person we would have a problem. You're unbanned but please don't do it again.