Fake Ban Appeal (Just for fun, I'm not actually banned)


Posted: 6 months ago

Username: Themeparkguy
Date Banned/Muted On: 7/18/17
Ban/Mute Reason: Being too cool for the server
Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I should be unbanned because no one should be too cool to enter MCParks, I think that's an unfair reason to be banned, I was banned by CoasterFan312, he used to be a staff and he came back!

NOTE: This is a joke, it's meant to be funny, I'm actually not banned, I haven't done anything wrong yet. I have been banned from MCParks before but that was WWWWWWAAAAAYYYYYYY back in early 2014 because I was being stupid but I actually have matured


Posted: 1 month ago

gAsp themeparkguy! dude im heroredstone!