WestC0T's Bowling Tips [The Essential Guide]


Posted: 5 months ago

1) Make sure you have a bowling ball the feels comfortable in your hands. Bowling balls are all made differently, spinning and hooking at different rates. You want a ball you can comfortably raise and lower, but not so light you could throw it around with ease. It's always best to get a ball of your own instead of borrowing it or renting it, as you'll have a better fit and better results.

2) Get good bowling shoes. Your bowling shoes are just like regular shoes-- they need to be taken care of and it's always best if they are your own. Good shoes have a smooth, regular sole and fit you comfortably. Get a half size bigger than your regular shoe size so that your feet are comfortable as you bowl.

3) Start in an athletic, upright bowling stance. The most important thing is where you hold the ball. Put your fingers in the holes and balance the ball on your palm around stomach or chest height, using the opposite hand to support the weight. The ball should be slightly to the right side of your body in alignment with the right seam of your shirt (right handed bowlers). Your knees are slightly bent and your shoulders relaxed, and your left foot is on the big dot in the center of the lane (right-handers).

4) Find your mark on the lane. There are seven arrows on the lane. Do not aim for the middle, as it usually leads to a split. If you're right-handed, aim for the arrow just to the right of the center. If you are left handed aim for the arrow just to the left. This mark is the best starting place for strikes.

5) Time your approach so that your opposite foot lands in front of the lane. The classic move is the 4-step approach, landing with the foot opposite your throwing arm. For right-handers, step forward with your right foot, then comfortably walk forward so that your left foot lands within 6" or so of the lane. Your right foot will then swing out of the way behind your left foot, allowing you to throw the ball freely. Practice a few times without the ball until you find a good starting spot that lets you arrive at the line, left foot down, every time. There are 2 lines of dots along the approach to the lane that are good starting points for you to begin.

6) Push your arm forward on the first step of your approach. As you take the first step of the approach, push the ball out in front of you so that your arm is extended. Use your left hand to support the weight of the ball as your hold it in front of you. The following steps will be for a right-handed thrower.

7) Drop your arm so that the ball arcs back towards your leg. As you take the first step with your left leg, the ball will drop so that your right arm and left leg are roughly even. Keep your grip on the ball and let it fall freely. Your elbow will be slightly bent, but gravity is doing most of the work as the ball comes down.

8) Let the ball continue arcing behind you and up towards shoulder height. As you step again with your right foot, the ball will continue behind your body and up, reaching its apex as you plant your right foot. You will be swinging it back here.

9) Swing the ball down as you plant your left foot by the line. Come down with the ball, planning to release it as you pass your leg. Your right leg should swing behind the left leg, getting it out of the way for your shot. It doesn't have to swing way out, like a pro bowler, just out of the way enough that you don't hit it with the ball.

10) Release the ball by flicking your wrist and fingers up towards your head. As the ball leaves your fingers, snap them up as if you were closing your hands. Think of the children's game where you have a quarter in your hand and someone is trying to take it before you close your hand. You should release as the ball passes your planted leg, at its lowest point.

11) Follow through. To protect your arm, continue your arm back up on its arc towards your head. Think of drinking from a soda can, bringing your fingers and wrist up to head height.


Posted: 5 months ago

Very informative, I must try this.


Posted: 5 months ago

Wow, I must say I will definitely try this the next time I bowl. :D