Doesn't work


Posted: 6 months ago

I got on the server and you know they ask if you would like to download the resource pack so I say yes and it just crashes my game.That actually never happend to me until I updated my minecraft launcher and I find that really weird.Do you guys like have a download link or something for the resource pack?


Posted: 6 months ago

Hello, Lan!

For starters, we don't offer any kind of resource pack at this time, for the MCParks community feels that everything looks great even in regular Vanilla Minecraft. As for the download pop up crashing your game, it may be a glitch on your end. I'd recommend using 1.8.9 as it is the main version MCParks's servers are running on as well as being the most stable. See if you can change your profile to 1.8.9 and see if that fixes the problem. I think there could be a way to downgrade to the old launcher but I'm not sure about that as I never upgraded. Let me know if this helps! :D