Top Voter Reward


Posted: 8 months ago

Last Edited: 8 months ago

Hey Staff Member,
I think you guys should add a Top Voter Rewards that mean like the most vote at the end of the Month/ The Start of the Month will get a rewards.

Rewards can be change (This Is My idea) :

1ST : Get D23 Rank

2ND: Get Rare Item

3RT : Get Money/Diamond


Posted: 8 months ago

That sounds a little too much at the most do D23 as if people got DVC rank that means they would be getting 30 dollars for free. This would mean that people who have already donated would not be happy due to that it would be easy to get it for free. Also if it is free the server will not get as much donations, this will mean it will be harder for the server to fund new projects and rides.


Posted: 8 months ago

I think it's a good idea, but possibly just more money as the ladder goes up and a rare item at first


Posted: 7 months ago

Well, when voting, you have a chance of getting more diamonds, or even the D23, just by voting! Just remember to keep voting everyday at