I Know Your Secret!


Posted: 11 months ago

Last Edited: 11 months ago

Benjamin Camelot is Staff for more than just this server, I found him online as staff one day. And on the website I saw his RIP tribute to club penguin.

RIP Club Penguin
To those of you who likes it and were able to play it, I am sorry for your loss.
Oh dang, I have a steeve face LOl

Doing Double Jobs for servers is a MAJOR commitment of time, so i am glat about his Devotion to these


Posted: 11 months ago

What brings up Benja exactly? He doesn't play or work on MCParks anymore.


Posted: 11 months ago

Ok first off, no I don't work on McParks anymore. Second of all, I recently stepped down from my position where I was working at earlier. And third, it's not really a secret.


Posted: 8 months ago

Um... what was the point of all that?