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Posted: 9 months ago

This came up initially from a post on our Discord server (which you should totally join! ), but I felt it a good idea to cross post here.

I just want to make sure that everyone's on the same page: MCParks is a Theme Park server that JUST SO HAPPENS to have a Creative server. Creative is an added benefit, and NOT the main attraction on MCParks.

I know that there's a fervent community behind Creative, and we're really grateful to have you guys. Some of our best Imagineers were once Creative guests. However, I think there's been some misconceptions recently about Creative's role on MCParks as a whole that I wanted to clear up.

First, some statistics:

-10,416 guests have EVER joined creative, out of the 92,860 (as of this writing) that have joined MCParks. That's just over 11% (to put that in perspective, 38,243, or 41%, have visited USO, and 23,957, or 25%, have visited DL) .

-On July 8, 2017, MCParks hit 90,000 unique guests. Since then, we have welcomed 2,860 new guests, brought in over $400 of revenue (our best month in a long time), and welcomed 5,595 unique guests. (1 - (2860/5595) = ~49% of repeat guests. In that same time period, Creative welcomed 565 unique guests. That's 10% of the amount of guests who joined MCParks as a whole.

-On August 5, 2017, just a normal Saturday, 146 connections were made to the creative server. 153 were made to DL, 257 were made to USO, and a whopping 736 connections were made to WDW (we'd expect it to be more because it's the default server) ...this is just one day, but the majority of days yield similar results

-This year (2017), 8 people have purchased WorldEdit. 13 people have purchased New DL early access just in the last month!

So what can we tell from these stats? Well, it seems that 10-11% of MCParks guests play on Creative.
These numbers seem to dispel for me the sentiment that "MCParks is dying," "a mass exodus of players are leaving," and "MCParks isn't doing well because Creative is neglected."
On the contrary, this last month has been EXCELLENT for MCParks. I'm very proud of our Cast Members for all their hard work.

As far as Creative is concerned, it seems clear to me that there is a VERY vocal minority of guests who are really passionate about Creative. That's awesome, I'm really glad to have you guys! But you have to understand that you are a vocal minority. You make up only 10% of the MCParks population, so it makes sense that only around 10% of our time and resources is spent on Creative.

Now, we have some fun plans for Creative when MCParks updates to 1.12 later this summer, including a new reporting feature to report poorly behaving players and griefs, perks like access to Heads databases, new ways to do build battles, and more.

However, you must understand that our new gameification plans for the Parks, like achievements, collectible items, magic bands, and ride tracking, are more important to us and will take up most of our time.

MCParks is a Theme Park server. One of our cool extra features is the ability to build your OWN city or theme park on our Creative server!


Posted: 9 months ago

Thank you for these statistics. I understand that:
1. The Parks not only are more popular, they require much more work on the part of Cast Members because the Parks don't build themselves.
2. The players on Creative tend to have spent more time on the server and therefore need less help.
3. Updating the Parks grows the server more than updating Creative.
4. The Parks are what makes MCParks unique.

However, that doesn't stop us from wanting more players on Creative. Please don't mistake this for us demanding the Cast Members to stop what they are doing and spend time on Creative. We are (or at least I am) appreciative of the Theme Parks, and we are amazed by and love your work. I hope that our interest in Creative does not cause a divide between us guests and the Cast Members.


Posted: 9 months ago

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I understand where you come from. Creative is a minority. It has been and always will be. The Theme Parks will always be more important (especially USO and WDW). I appreciate all you have done for Creative. I love the Theme Park servers, as well. Our issues don't really affect MCParks. But, the big issue here is the fact that most CM's don't care about Creative. Many griefs go unnoticed. A ton of bullying and drama went unnoticed, because the CM's were not there. Now, I'm not saying Creative needs Cast Members to stop what they're doing and deal with Creative a lot. As I said earlier, the Theme Parks are much more important. But, we don't get enough Cast Members on. Little to no Cast Members are on Creative a day. I know they don't just work on the Theme Parks all the time. We are fixing Creative, when it comes to our issues, but we can't tell a griefer or a drama starter what to do. By the time we go and get a Cast Member to report something, they're gone and we don't even remember their IGN. You and Darren and even some Cast Members have come a long way with us, but we want those other Cast Members to just care the slightest about us. If I were in your shoes and Creative was shut down, due to lack of interest from Cast Members, I would feel down. It wouldn't be my fault, but it would make me sad that my own employees shunned and took away something people loved. It may be a small amount of people who loved it, but they're still people like you or I. It's not your fault that people are mad at you for this. I don't blame you. I just want Cast Members to at least try and come on when they can and see what's happening.


Posted: 9 months ago

I know that this may sound weird but I think what creative needs is a reset. The spawn is a mess and I bet you couldn't name 1/100 of the parks because they are so far spread out and are warp based. We need to reset creative and start from scratch with a plan.


Posted: 9 months ago

I'm Just wondering Can we have the average amount of minutes/hours guest spend per day on each server?


Posted: 9 months ago

Re: "I hope that our interest in Creative does not cause a divide between us guests and the Cast Members."
I think this divide is something that was manufactured by members of the Creative community, I don't really think it exists. I think it's a product of people misunderstanding the role of Creative in the greater MCParks community, which I attempted to address.

Re: "Many griefs go unnoticed."
Hence why one of the features I plan on adding to creative is a reporting system.

Re: "I know that this may sound weird but I think what creative needs is a reset."
We're open to discussing this after the major features are added to out parks

Re: "I'm Just wondering Can we have the average amount of minutes/hours guest spend per day on each server?"
Currently, no, but with my new statistics program, we will in the future. However, if playtimes are longer on Creative, that would only prove my point of it being a small, vocal and fervent minority community.


Posted: 9 months ago

As someone who has been a member of the Creative community for 3 years, I can safely say the environment of the server has changed from how it was when I joined. I say this not to sound like I am critical of the new wave of players I have been seeing, but I say this because I am optimistic about it. I do like seeing new people join the community but I do feel as well that some can't fill the shoes left by some of the well known people in the community. (Fighter, Lang, Insane, myself, etc) I do welcome a new wave of cities and theme parks that this server has been known for and as someone who built their success off of Flagopolis, I would spend time working with people who want to make new and bright cities on the server. Although I feel Flagopolis is fading somewhat into obscurity, I would be up for dedicating time to making it the powerful city it once was.


Posted: 9 months ago

I think you NEED to change creative Badly. Most Theme Park Servers have creative! This creative isn't just working. I think we all need to change Creative, but if the CM's don't help. Then, we might not have Creative.


Posted: 8 months ago

Creative has defiantly changed, that's for sure. One thing I hate is that people have been adding random stuff in Flagopolis. I consider it grief tbh.