Project MCParks Announcement!


Posted: 9 months ago

First off, I apologize for my past MCPark Videos from my channel and drama. I've been unbanned for long time ago!
Since the Revival for Creative, I want to make it right for MCParks to have a change to the Creative Server.

I have released a new Theme Park Resort that will include a City, Theme Park (Dohan Kingdom), and 4 Hotels. With a Community center, Future of the Airport, and a new grand revival for MCParks. This process will be split up into 3 Phases.

Phase 1: Dohan Kingdom, 2 Hotels, and Lake Dohan.
Phase 2: FOCET City (Future of Community, Engineering of Tomorrow!)
Phase 3: Future of the Airport and Community Center for FOCET City.

I hope you guys will be excited for Dohan World and my goal is to get more people to be on MCParks and spend more time on this server. It all depends on the players because this is the main goal for MCParks Creative. We hope you guys will attend the Theme Park and Hotels on November 2017!

We Hope you have a good day and hope that MCParks Creative will have a Good future!