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Posted: 10 months ago

Hello, hello! It feels like forever since I posted something on here!
In case you don't know me (as if you happen to live in the US - as most of you do - you most likely haven't seen me that much), I'm going to introduce myself.
Hello everyone, I'm Libby!

I am a Guest Relations MCParks Cast member and mostly spend my time on the MCParks Creative server.

My role as a Cast Member on MCParks was established in 2014 and I have worked on the server since then (give or take) - so I'm a pretty established face around these parks!

I was born and currently live in the land of grey skies, tea and pigeons - London, in England and am constantly envious of those of you living in sunny US states such as Florida (you lucky people)! And this is the main reason as to why so many of you - even if you've been playing on the server for quite a while - haven't really seen me that much if at all. The UK and the US have super far apart time-zones (usually by around 5-8 hours difference - I'm ahead of you guys in time. For example, when it's 5PM for someone in Florida, it's 10PM for me. Pretty crazy, huh?)

So, now that we know who I am, let me just clear up what us Guest Relations on Creative can actually do for you guys!

Our role ranges from setting warps (these are essentially home-like teleport links that all of the guests on Creative can access - they're great for public builds like theme parks as everyone can access your build by using a simple /warp (name) command - like on the other servers)! to repairing griefs (damage inflicted upon builds by players that is unwanted).

But aside from our duties as Guest Relations on Creative, there are also some other cool things that we can do for you. Please bare in mind that these small errand-runs will vary from Cast Member to Cast Member, and while one Guest Relations Cast Member may be happy to help you, others may be busy - so please do bare that in mind! :)
So, to begin with, we can write in coloured text on signs and in books and quills!
There's nothing more eye-catching than a sign with the text written in a colour other than the default black! Guest Relations Cast Members can type in coloured, bold and itallic lettering! Not all cast members know how to do this mind you, so don't badger someone who says that they can't help you with it! :)

Secondly, we can also retrieve player heads for you! Again, not all cast members will know how to do this, so don't badger someone who isn't sure, but we can indeed fetch player heads for you if you tell us a username - this does sometimes glitch out though, so don't be alarmed if one day your head is a beautiful replica of you and the next day it is Steve.

As well as this, we can (and are allowed to - as I've had a few players under the impression that this isn't permitted) help you with builds. This is something that rests entirely on how much time the Cast Member themselves have and sometimes we are a little too busy to help out. But you can ask us to help - just don't be upset or mad if we explain that we're busy.

And that's about it, if you have any questions or want some clarification on something, don't hesitate to ask - it's what we're here for after all!

Thank you for reading my super-long post, have a magical day!
Libby :D


Posted: 8 months ago

I didn't know you lived in England! It's nice to see that even though this is an American server, me and lots of other people from the U.K and many other countries all play this amazing server!