My Story! Part Three


Posted: 10 months ago

Sorry about the hiatus. Work is getting really busy. Alright, back to the story. This part starts off at around The Creative Reset. I lost Rougeland, because of it. It made me quite angry and I quit the server for a short time. I came back later that year to hear about a company called LBC and how it took Creative by storm. It never really got to me at the time, so I started working on a park called "DeenParks." This was my biggest flop ever. As I was working on that monstrosity, something HUGE happened. The last reminder of Zkloss10, Funland, was taken down. Everyone thought Lang did it. I was furious and did some stupid stuff. I started rallying people against LBC. All it did was cause more and more drama. I eventually got over it and went back to working on DeenParks. Fun fact: I learned later that Fark did it. I thought it looked great. Up until I really saw it. It was awful. Just awful. I completely abandoned it. After trying to figure out what to do next, I went and started doing construction for Flagopolis. It was around that time when I changed my IGN to InsaneAtom. Whilst I was building, someone was talking to someone else about a skype call and I decided to get skype. I friended Lang later on and he added me to a group call. After that call, things started going uphill for me. At the Creative Expo, I was named Co-Owner of LBC. Lang and I became great friends, along with Fighter. I helped build FighterGalaxy. At the same time, LBC was either loathed or idolized by people after the addition of a Government. This went on and on for months, until I finally took it down in August. I disbanded any and every Government. Creative was quiet... for a while. In my next part, I talk about how I dealt with The Fall of Creative.