My Actions (or lack thereof)


Posted: 10 months ago

I just really wanted to make a quick thread discussing my recent activity on MCParks. The server is sparking up again with more activity, thanks to Yamkle and tylermerrifield. However, many of you have noticed that my plan that I posted on a previous thread "Let's turn this Hope into a action!" has sorta been ignored by me, and that's due to my busy real life schedule.

When I started in MCParks, I had an abundance of free time and used it on the server. However, over the years since I joined, my schedule is becoming full with multiple activities. Therefore, my time on the server may be coming to an end.

I will try to be on as MUCH as possible, however know that my time will be severely limited. I know that the server will continue to prosper, and I know it's in great hands with Tyler and Yamke, but I simply do not
have the time.

My apologies.