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Posted: 1 year ago

Hey guys, I am Themeparkguy, If you remember Themeparkguyland way back in July 2015- July 2016 which is now permanently gone, I am happy to say that I am bringing back Themeparkguyland in a whole new level!

Here is what is being built!

Themeparkguyland: A Theme Park with multiple themed lands and fun filled attractions for the thrill seekers, and families.

Themeparkguy Studios: A park with multiple themed lands and fun thrilled attractions just like Themeparkguyland, but it will also involve backstages and multiple studios.

Themeparkguy Bay: A water park with multiple thrilling and gut raging water slides and water adventures that are sure to get you and your party soaked.

Themeparkguy Springs: An entertainment complex with attractions, dining, shopping, and some fun clubs.

Themeparkguy's Beach Boardwalk Resort: A 10 story hotel with a pool, boardwalk, boat activities, cabanas, and a beach.

Themeparkguy Plaza Resort: A 10 story hotel with a rooftop pool.

Themeparkguy Palace Wonders Resort: A gorgeous hotel with a water park.

Information for these places will be released soon

Transportation: All cars will be parked in a duo parking garage and to get to your destinations, here are the methods of transportation!
Themeparkguyland: You will be taking a monorail from the parking garage to get to the park, and when you leave, you will take the monorail back.

Themeparkguy Bay, Themeparkguy Beach Boardwalk Resort, Themeparkguy Studios: You will walk through Themeparkguy Springs to get to the entrance to all places.

Themeparkguy Springs: You will walk from the garage into a security line and then you'll walk through the iconic Themeparkguytacular bridge to the destination.

Themeparkguy Plaza Resort: You will embark on a breathtaking gondola adventure that will take you to the rooftop pool of the hotel.

Themeparkguy Palace Wonders Resort: You will be taking a bus shuttle that will take you to the hotel.

I hope you all are excited for this new resort, now I can't do this all alone!

If you want to apply, go to /home Themeparkguy: Apply

I can't wait to see you all in the resort, lets have an amazing summer! #MCParksBSE2017


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AYYYY Themeparkguy!
How you've been?
BTW this seems to be a massive undertaking- want some help?

My schedule might be an problem though XD