Planet of Adventure


Posted: 10 months ago

Last Edited: 10 months ago

As a few people have requested having staff, we have listen to them and now we are accepting applications! We have 3 staff types:

Tech: Does Traincarts and redstone

Builder: Helps build shops, games, themeing e.t.c

Detailer: Adds detail to plain buildings

We have no staff at the moment so Icymice2 and I would love some applicants!

How do you get to the application center?

1: Do /creative if you are not in the creative server

2: Then, type /warp poa

3: Turn 180 degrees

4: Go right of the subway station

All instructions are there.

Thank you to everyone who applies we are exited to so how you do!

If you have any questions, ask below.

Good luck!

-ThatMCGuy6421 (POA owner)
-Icymice2 (POA owner)


Posted: 10 months ago

Im considering applying, although my schedule may be extremely restricted.