Creative Park Revival Phase One


Posted: 1 year ago

Okay, so here's a new initiative:
The Creative Park Revival initiative! (CPR for short)
Okay, here's how it works:

1. We take old parks with rich history (like Nintendo Land, maybe WebWorld, and good ol' FighterWorld) and have new and interested players take up the reins for the parks and keep them alive, adding new content and updating old broken rides.
2. Once the new owners get bored with updating it, they hand the reins over to a new interested player who won't destroy or greif it!

Maybe this will make use of all the destroyed parks + cities on Creative :D

Tell me what you guys think of this idea in the comments.

Also, could I have Nintendo Land? I want to fix up that park first :D



Posted: 1 year ago

Great News: A brand new city is being constructed as the main hub for the new government of creative. creative is now being revived.


Posted: 1 year ago

Adding onto that ^^
Yamkle and I are co-mayors, the city name is Maplewood and will include plotland for those who want to purchase and build on their given land, towers, HQs, all that. There will be MANY attractions including the new theme resort, MAPLE TOWERS RESORT and other theme parks and attractions as well.
The convention center will be one of the largest and there will be space to be rented for events available.


Posted: 1 year ago

Last Edited: 1 year ago

I quit MCParks so if anyone would like to take ownership of Center Adventure please let me know as soon as possible

ok qwertyuiop has taken charge of center adventure


Posted: 1 year ago

Im Creating my own company TNC which will be major company that does everything from theme parks to cell phones, and a major city called NovaCity


Posted: 1 year ago

Now do I have to go work extensively on Flagopolis again?