My Mark on Creative. (An original story by award-winning author LangBuildsMc)


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Well guys, the great old boring rotten legendary historic dumb LangBuildsMc is here! (not for another comeback but just getting the nostalgia back) Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this far!.. or something i don't know what you're doing here but HELLO!

So... the story is
"My Mark on Creative."
(Please do not hate/witchhunt on those who are discussed in this thread.)


It all began with a whole partnership with TheAwesomeDohan. (Also known as Dohan707, DohanMep) I personally didn't know who he was but he would become history later in the story but, it all began with me beginning my project. The project that would ultimately change the course of Creative forever. I'm not exaggerating this at all. It literally changed everything. (There's also a story about LBC through Tyler Merrifield's side *aka insaneatom*) Anyways, that project was called, "Langia" or "Walt Disney Planet Resort".

okay time to go through a sub-story but... when i began langia, it was originally going to be "Walt Disney Planet" as you may remember from my previous builds/projects/company/whatever the heck i was doing.

BACK TO THE MAIN STORY! Little Lang gave Mr. Dohan land in his land so they can work together or something i forgot. Soon after, people started building in Langia because of the popularity Dohanland gave the city. Eventually the historic LBC Studios Langia was built, home to famous Creative shows such as the Cow Show and the Daily DieHippy Chat. Later that time, a video that changed the course of the city's direction and fame was created. Behold! DOUGHHENLEN IN A NUTSHELL! *explosion sound effects* That joke video became popular as it was a huge joke which accidently turned Dohanland into a complete joke. But then Little Lang realized there's a Flagopolis on MCParks! *gasps*

another substory: little lang played on the mcmagic server and met a friend on the server and created flagopolis from there then it took him literally 2 years for him to find flagopolis. silly lang. luckilly, he met his boy benjamincamelot there tho.

After doing some business with the then mayor(s) of Flagopolis, FalsePardox (RedEyedDemon I believe was his then name when I met him on MCParks) and BenjaminCamelot, the very first LBC Store opened. Which is actually still there today! /warp LBCStore, i think is the warp. Then it just all happened from there. More and more business then KC happened blah blah, kaboomy serval creative wars and YEAH!
LBC!.. in a nutshell.

the company that caused some wars.
the company that created the creative computer.
the company that became a server monopoly.
the company that caused serval bans.
the company that created an entire empire.
the company that made creative what it was then.
the company that literally changed the course of creative history.
the company.
that left.
it's mark.
there forever.
for everyone.
to see.
then eventually.
be abandoned. (what's up guys! my name is lang and welcome to abandoned! episode a113! this is show where we discover some of the coolest places in the world! there's this one place i've been dying to tell you about. and that is the lbc mcparks builds!)

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Lang, to be honest, it wasn't your company that was a problem. It was my perception of it. Once I noticed LBC was creating a government on Creative, I got pretty furious and lead a rebellion against it. It's my fault that Creative's in the state that its in right now, so sorry for ruining your legacy :(


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