The fair's coming to creative!


Posted: 10 months ago

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Well, I'm back on creative after uhh.... *crickets*.... I don't even remember how long. Anyways, I'm going to start off with a park called the MCParks State Fair. No, this is not a fair sponsored by the server (maybe? cms?), but I am very unoriginal on naming, plus it is not in a city. If you look at the European fairs, such as Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park, you'll see what I'm aiming for. If you have any coasters/rides, food places, games, shops, or more, go ahead and suggest it for the fair! I will be taking suggestions in this post. I will also accept fairground staff apps in this post.

Suggestions for coasters & rides:

-Type of ride (Types I am accepting are coasters, meh water rides, cheap/meh dark rides, flat rides, and other rides.)
-What should I name it? (Do not make it original, unless you can answer this question with a yes: Have you ever been to a fair when the company that ran it cared?)
-Should there be any special features to the ride?
-On a scale of 1 to 20, how many tickets should this ride cost to ride ONCE?
-Ya like jazz? (Optional answer)

Suggestions for food:
-Type of food it serves (Please do not suggest restraunts like Applebees and Olive Garden, however I wish that was possible.)
-What should I name it? (Once again, not TOO original. A bit more original than ride names, though.)
-Ya like jazz? (Optional answer)

Suggestions for games:
-What do you do in the game? (It should not be something that would be hard to have travel in a trailer or two.)
-Ya like jazz? (Optional answer)

Suggestions for other stuff:
-What is it?
-Ya like jazz? (Optional answer)

Ah, now to move on from all the meme filled suggestion responses: Applications! (Almost typed Applebees... dangit I'm hungry now.) Please fill out any fair employee application responses out in this order:

-MC Name
-What job are you interested in (Ride Op, Ride Host, Food Service, Game Service, Ticket Service, Custodial, Maintenance, and also if you have an idea for a job that a fair would need, just say Custom: _____) and why do you deserve it?
-Are you able to:
-Operate Rides
-Serve Food & Take Orders
-Run Games
-Sell & Keep Track Of Tickets
-Clean Up & Fix Stuff
-Listen To Higher Up Fairground Staff
-Will you grief, troll, steal from, bully anyone in, or try to do anything harmful to the fair?
-Ya like jazz?

Well, now to go claim my Guinness World Record for world's longest forum post. See you at the fair, whether you get your fair app accepted or are coming as a visitor in *date unknown, probably in 5 years. JK.*!


Posted: 10 months ago

Very nice, I can't wait for the fair!