Planet of Adventure


Posted: 11 months ago

Recently, Icymice2 and I have started a new theme park. It is inspired by Alton Towers. So far it has only 1 ride and is closed at the moment however, if you want to ride, feel free to ask me or Icymice2 if you can ride.


Posted: 10 months ago

thatmcguy, could I work there? I'm very experienced with building and operating rides as well as other stuff you normally find at a theme park like restaurants, shops, etc.


Posted: 10 months ago

Last Edited: 10 months ago

Thanks for noticing! We are not hiring anybody at the moment but you can help in parts! :)

The warp is /warp poa but don't build anything yet

FYI we are in British time keep a note of that!
Okay! You can now apply for Detailer, Builder and Technician!

To get to the application center, do /warp poa, turn 180 degrees and then go to the right of the subway station!

Good luck!