The Major Impact Of LBC On Creative


Posted: 11 months ago

Last Edited: 10 months ago

Many of you know exactly what LBC is and what it stood for. LBC was the largest company to ever have existed on Creative. It also had a major influence on how Creative was run. After Zkloss10 left and the FighterParks craze had died down, LangBuildsMc came along. He came from another server, similar to this one, and took LBC with him. During my time on that server, I never thought of LBC as that much of a big thing. That all changed when he came to MCParks. Lang was around during the Renaissance Era, but didn't impact as much, until around the end of it. Funland was still around in Flagopolis, but Zkloss10 had not been seen in 3 months. Around this time, BenjaminCamelot and Lang became good friends and decided to run Flagopolis together. Then, LBC was reborn. Many great things were created by LBC. Langia, Peepa Pug; etc. Everyone seemed to like him and LBC. Until one day. Lang and Ben had both decided that it was time to tear down Funland to make room for Disneyland Flagopolis Resort. This had enraged many people, including myself at one point. At that point, people were a bit iffy on LBC. People claimed that their builds were taken down, because a particular brand in it belonged to LBC. They also claimed that Lang would "buy" their small companies and not give any credit to them whatsoever. Everything came to a head, when a government was formed. It enraged many and lead to horrible things. It got so bad, that Creative Wars broke out. LBC had a lot to do with those wars, especially Creative War 3. LBC had two kinds of people. The ones who supported them and the ones who loathed them. The LBC Era ended in late August, which was about 3 months after I ended DBC and became more popular than ever, ending the Creative Government and joining LBC. What came after that is another story.
UPDATE: Lang and Ben didn't take down Funland. Fark did, according to Lang. Somehow, I guess, people got mad at LBC anyways