The Story Of RayTech (And the End of the Golden Era)


Posted: 11 months ago

This needs to be told after everything that happened, so we can all forgive and forget.

So, where do I start?

Raytech was a company I started back in Creative about 1-2 years ago. It was a little hobby I was doing to change things up a bit. I originally had only worked on theme parks, so I thought opening up a small company would be a fresh twist to things.It was based around redstone technology, and I was the main leader of it, although Stormlord90 helped a bit.

And then, things got CRAZY.

Ray Tech became bigger than ever. Multiple parks partnered with the company, the company got a headquarters on the plot land, a website was opened up for requests, a shop was opened at Kw6land 2.0, a firework show was developed and sponsored by Raytech at FireyPatrick Resort (FPR), known as Colors Of FPR, and Raytech became a partner to LBC when the LBC Era began, and WebWorld was being built by Raytech.

Everything was going perfectly for Raytech.

However, little did Creative know that everything was about to change.

A small rollercoaster at FighterWorld was closed. Rumors sparked about Ray Tech's inclusion in the reason why, and eventually Me and FighterBro announced that the whole area was going to be rebuilt for "The RayTech Ride" which would open soon at FighterWorld.

Boy, did things get popular after that. Construction began IMMEDIATELY, and multiple Skype calls consisting of me, Fighterbro, and other staff were held while we were online in order to discuss plans and construction secretly.

Fast-forward about 2 months in the future, and the ride was nearly complete.

It was there when Raytech was about to end.

I was constructing the final exit of the ride, when I notice multiple players in the building, nearly all of them NOT park staff. It's then that I realize that they all got on to RIDE it, when it was closed.

I asked them multiple times that the ride was closed and to please exit. However, most of them said that Fighter had opened it, although a sign at the entrance clearly said it was closed.

And I freaked.

I won't explain what happened exactly, but there was a lot of anger on the chat.
I was banned, and on these forums, I said that Raytech was permanently closed, and so was the FighterWorld ride.

This was the contributing factor to the end of the Golden Era.

I feel terrible about it when I think about MCParks, but I have to tell this story to the public so I can finally forgive and forget.

Maybe I can post more stories about Creative in the future.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and if I got something wrong, be sure to tell me.