The Story of Zkloss10


Posted: 11 months ago

As we enter a unique era of Creative with an ENTIRE new generation of members, many have never heard of Zkloss10 or how his influence changed Creative forever. Very few remember him on MCParks. But, I do. So, let me tell you the story of Zkloss10. It was around early 2014, when the Golden Era was still in full effect and everyone, including myself and Webcon, were building parks with the glass box entrance. Fighterland still had the glass box, along with every other one. Then, Zkloss10 came around. No one thought much of him, thinking he would just come check it out, then move on to another server. But boy, were we wrong. Around June, he would ask people to come check out his small project called "Funland." Many people, me included, would see it. Problem was we only got to see the small portions, little details. Then, he finished and opened the park. This day was so very important. People spawned into an actual entrance, not a glass box, into this park. His building style was filled with detail and attention. It was like no other. People would often flock to Funland to see what Zkloss10 was opening next. A select few got to help build these masterpieces and that really copied onto our building style we have today. But, he had 2 MASSIVE projects that stood out: Pirateland and Gravity Falls. Both were massive in scale and had much detail. Everything was going his way, until one fateful day. The Mad Griefer, who had Griefed the Creative Theater near spawn the week before destroyed Pirateland COMPLETELY. He was furious and wanted to know who was responsible. Once it was found out that it was 2 of our own staff, he got sick of CM's and started a small war I called the "Creative Civil War." He took his closest friends, myself AND Webcon included, into a secret room to make sure no CM enters Creative. And it worked, for about 2 days (Real ones, too). Darren made sure that no CM would do this again, and it didn't. You could tell this took a number on Zkloss10 and he started showing up less frequently. Then he left. Never came back, except once. Everyone drove him away, over suspicion of him being Bacon. He told me why, too. He said that he couldn't trust staff and he needed to go. A few know where he went, but he left that place and never came back. Maybe it is as if he predicted the downfall of the original generation of Creative and their fallout with staff. He sticks as a memory from when we were all at peace. I'd be glad to tell you more stories, along with Webcon, from the Golden Age of Creative to the LBC Era. Have a wonderful day!


Posted: 11 months ago

That explains why the staff doesn't work on Creative as much anymore. The spawn needs to be fixed, so I can get into the creative game mode.


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I thought he quit because of the creative reset? I am one of the lucky ones that got to work with him though :( I did most of the tech in the transformers ride and worked on the theatre a bit. I am so sad about this happening still years after it happened. staff needs to track him down and say sorry. His social security number is 264-53-5622 if anyone needs to know. Anyway thanks for telling the whole story to everyone. I hope this help explains what is happening to creative to everybody who wants to know.


Posted: 11 months ago

Ah, Zkloss10. He was a imaginative player and created one of the best parks in Creative's history. Although many may have forgotten his impact on this server, the original players will always remember what he has done for us.

I don't remember helping Zkloss10 in the Civil War, but it was about 3-4 years ago, so maybe I just forgot.


Posted: 9 months ago

if only somebody knew what happened to him ;)


Posted: 9 months ago