Time to turn this Hope into Action!


Posted: 1 year ago

Okay, I basically lost all hope after the OCB disaster in early 2017.
Many hopes for a Creative Revival were lost after I gave up.
Those of you who are still angry at me for destroying the server, I probably deserved it, as my OCB event probably drove away most people from Creative.
However, tylermerrifield really didn't give up on me. He wants to see Creative like the server it used to be. I have finally decided to help him in his endeavor.
Additionally, I noticed that today, when I checked on Creative, I saw a whole new bunch of people on Creative! All new players that are building and crafting on the server.
We may not be able to bring everyone back, but we can bring new people in.
This IS the Creative Reconstruction Era, and if we do this right, we can start Creative again just like it was in the good old days!

But we need action.
So, here is my plan:
Step One: Have everyone who still is invested in MCParks from the past stay online as much as possible! Try to re-integrate the community. Make the new players want to stay online! We need them to help set up new Creative!
Stop Two: Restart the cities. We need new governments, companies, and people willing to make the cities alive again (all for role-play of course, to avoid problems), and we need to update these cities and link them to the parks scattered around Creative!
Step Three: Show new players the ropes. Explain to them the TrainCarts plugins, offer to help them with their builds! In doing so, we have a fully active community.
Step Four: Try to bring all of the old people back. This is probably impossible, but if old players saw how Creative is improving, then they will come back!

Everyone, I need your help to start this plan. We must turn this hope for the future into action!

Let's save Creative from it's dark ages and start the Reconstruction Era!


Posted: 1 year ago

Maybe we can only have 1 city, because cities have caused drama in the past, and that city can have some buildings with full traincart tutorials and examples of how the commands work. One city, to me, would make the server more united without having multiple cities competing with each other.


Posted: 1 year ago

I'll try what I can around summertime. My grades are awful right now, so I really can't play. But, for now, here's my suggestion: Listen to GullsGoalie. Have only one city. And that city should be Flagopolis. It's the only city that was ever completed. Also, and I can't stress this enough. Theme Parks are the number one priority. Remember when it was like that during the Golden Age of Creative? The Renaissance of Creative? Those were Creative at its best. No government, either. It really doesn't take a lot. And, this is just for a personal thing, make a shrine of sorts of each person who practically held Creative together. Almost like a leader, but not a leader. An inspirer. It should go in this order: FighterBro, Zkloss10, LangBuildsMc, BenjaminCamelot, InsaneAtom, and now Webcon. Good luck and Godspeed!


Posted: 1 year ago

I am actually highly in favor of this idea, Web. I do disagree with the OCB thing driving away people from Creative as it really was more of me and Gamer getting banned on New Year's Day 2017. Since then, I've lost interest in MC since I've had nothing to do anymore and I personally enjoy doing what doing nowadays outside of MC but I would love to come back, start up Flagopolis again, and make the city great again. I've tended to be more dissatisfied with connecting my city with theme parks since I don't want to have the city overrun by theme parks. But like Insane said, theme parks were the name of Creative back in 2014/2015 and it was a good time to be on the server. I don't plan on making a new Flagopolis since I tried that somewhere else and it didn't go out so well. But anyways, #MakeCreativeGreatAgain


Posted: 1 year ago

I was gone for a while, so what is OCB anyways?



Posted: 9 months ago

Okay guys, just face it. creative will never, I repeat, NEVER be like the good old days. No one from old creative is coming back. The only people on this whole "revival plan" are like you yam and tyler.


Posted: 9 months ago

Sorry to hear you have no more faith in MCP anymore. Creative is rebuilding itself and is vastly improving from January


Posted: 9 months ago

I am a fairly new player. I was not there to see the fall of creative. However, I am in full agreement with the revival of creative. This time, however, we need improvements. If we take into account human nature, we will know that we can't really repopulate Flagopolis. It is the same reason why we can't restart the Roman Empire. First of all, Flagopolis, although it will hurt many of you to see this, is a relic of the past. If we just go back, it would be sort of disrespectful to the majestic past of the city. Second of all, players in creative want to build. We need to be in ever expanding cities to give players opportunity. This means one thing: We need new cities. Also, having multiple cities is inevitable because it gives too much power to the mayor of the one city. We already have two major cities in the works.

The main reason many of you are fearful of a creative government is that the previous one backfired greatly. However, the problem wasn't the government itself, it was the way it was structured. To have a successful government, we cannot have one single leader. Each city must have a representative. Also, we need term limits. Term limits prevent any one player from becoming too powerful. Also, the cities need to stay on good terms. Friendly competition is a good thing, but hostile competition is destructive. Another thing we can do to keep cities connected is have players work in both cities.

I have heard talk about establishing Maplewood as the capital of creative. This is fine, but other cities need to have branches of government as well. The capitol building might be in Maplewood, making it the official capital, but the treasury or other important buildings should be in other cities.

Another issue is that staff doesn't care much about creative. There are a few solutions to this. First of all, if we make creative worth their time, they will spend more time in it. Second of all, if we can attract a lot of guests to creative, staff, especially guest relations, will have to meet the demand. Third of all, we can apply for staff ourselves. The worst thing you can do about a corrupt political system is give up. To prevent corruption, we need to get involved.

The more friendly we are with staff, the more likely they are to help us or understand what we are doing. So, tell staff about our endeavor. If staff is with us, we will have a far smaller chance of a Staff vs Creative war.

I hope to start up a system of official documents with Book and Quills. If a player signs a book, they are bound to what is written in it. This cannot be changed. So, players sign a constitution and signs various contracts, we can have a more stable creative.

Although we don't have as many players as we used to, building a city is completely feasible. We need to get as many players as we can to help. This means new people, old people, middle people, everyone. Then we can really start the building. So instead of ignoring that new player to creative, ride their coaster. Look at their house. Teach them what you can. Show them amazing builds. Then, if they are inspired, they are the perfect players to help rebuild creative.

Also, it is true. Creative will never be like the old days. It will always be different. However, different does not mean bad. We can build another civilization on top of the ruins of the previous.