2nd Creative Revival?


Posted: 1 year ago

Does anyone remember when Creative was first crashed?
I do. It sucked.
It seems to have crashed again, due to the same reason it crashed in the past...
Drama and hate, mostly from me :(
I really hate to see Creative like this, and I wish it was back to the way it was before.
Preferably without myself included.
Anyone agree?

If I can do anything to make Creative the way it was before (even if it removes me from the picture) then I'm in. Anyone else got any ideas to save Creative?


Posted: 1 year ago

How about you don't cause any drama. Boom problem solved..


Posted: 1 year ago

I personally believe that, right now, it is almost fixing itself. I was on recently, checking its current state. From what I found, there was no drama, about 10 people or more on, and it truly wasn't dead. There were no government controls, no companies. Just people building what they love and showing it off to their friends. Sadly, it isn't at the great state it once was, but you can fix that. You can do what I was never able to do. Make Creative Great Again!