Lets be positive


Posted: 1 year ago

Last Edited: 1 year ago

Hi everyone, so I haven't really been on in awhile and I can kinda see that creative has kinda died...(I know this is not really positive RIGHT NOW but it will get positive later on)

So, creative is basically dead.. BUT I honestly think it is going to become a lot brighter in the future, I believe that creative will come back to life and when it does it will be even more popular than ever. Creative is a wonderful and amazing server on this epic theme park server and it is really sad to see a lot of people leave but as time goes on I believe creative will become even more amazing than before. I may not be there in the future but I know for a fact that this is just a phase in the lifetime of creative.. I believe that creative will soon go into a second renaissance phase. I think a lot of new and maybe some old people will come back onto this server and bring it back to life.

Creative is a server that is mean't for people to express there creativity on the server and this creative server has been a big part of my MC life, i've met a lot of people on here and I honestly wouldn't want this special place to a lot of people on this server to die.

Stay positive, usually when something bad happens the universe sends something good. I believe that creative is going to come back and become bigger than ever.. well thats all I got so bye and have a MAGICAL day.


Posted: 1 year ago

Stay tuned for announcements on creative in the near future. :)