Welp, Goodbye


Posted: 1 year ago

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First of all, I was just annoyed for some reason about how the whole "RebuildMCParks" thing was failing, so that's how the "sue" case thing happened. I was really never going to take legal action. (I'm not even sure what that means, I was just angry when I wrote that). I'm just disappointed that creative has gone to such a state where the community doesn't really care about you and that (almost) every one seems to be against you.

Creative was such a fun place, but now it is drama causing, and I seem to be causing drama at this point. It's best if I just leave.

About the lawsuit, case closed. I seem to be giving Creative the wrong attention it needs and for that I shall be leaving the server. No plans on returning.

I used to ask myself, what went wrong with Creative?

The answer was me.

Goodbye :/
(I hope this post doesn't cause more drama. Just everyone forget about me and go back to building whatever it is you guys build. Don't ask for me to come back- I won't.)
Oh, and sorry Lang. I was really harsh to LBC. This is my apology.


Posted: 1 year ago

Lemme further elaborate on that. I for one, accept your apology even though I'm not really involved with LBC and I get you may be angry but you should've just thought about what you're gonna post first before saying it because if you're saying some really crummy stuff, it's not gonna well in the future. Creative right now, is basically dead and probably gets around around or less than 5 people daily and it would rare if 10+ came back like how it was back in the good days. It's like the Titanic, everybody thought it would last forever and never go away but it ended up hitting the iceberg, the iceberg being the downtime throughout all of September and the sinking being October to today. There's several things to blame but I won't say them here but I can msg you them since there's that DM thing you can do on here. But overall, it's better to close the McParks chapter and move on.


Posted: 1 year ago

Web, I'm gonna say this very boldly but you have caused some of this drama. I have to point that out and not trying to be rude. Creative like Benja said is dead. You do not have to quit like we all did. Be Yourself and stay if you want too, don't feel weird if your the only one really interacting on creative. If You would like to DM me on discord (I don't Trust The Website One) Go Ahead.