I Warned You...


Posted: 1 year ago

Well, we did it. We officially killed the fun of MCParks Creative. I warned everyone that the drama was getting out of hand, and no one listened. And look where it got us. The most active members have either been banned or quit. On top of that, we're not even done. Some new company named OCB is planning to "sue" LBC. How is this even possible? I've seen this server rise and fall. I've seen people come and go. But never in my life would I think that we would do this to ourselves. Run ourselves into the ground. Just end this drama before this gets any worse than it already is.


Posted: 1 year ago

I haven't been on much lately on MCParks and now I'm being "sued." TheWebCon is basically making me stop "enforcing rules" on me YET I HAVEN'T? I'VE NEVER ENFORCED RULES ON GUESTS! HE'S LITERALLY ENFORCING RULES FOR ME BY MAKING ME STOP DOING WHAT I DO.


Posted: 1 year ago

Creative used to be fun. When I first joined, Creative was a great place to hang out and explore. We didn't have much of this dramafest. I take it this whole mess started after RedNova got banned (or before, granted that I did see some of his old ban appeals on here from like July or August), and then one by one, everyone seemed to follow in his footsteps and attempt to escalate drama. Because I was in and out a lot, the only bans I saw were of coaster7756's and MinecraftMan8000's, and you have to admit, Coaster did commit a lot of drama, claiming that her self-griefing of her parks were caused by different people and that she even went as far as blaming Dylan for grief. Eventually she got banned, and MinecraftMan soon after for causing yet even more drama. I lingered on for a bit, doing my own thing, but then it just got to the point where I couldn't handle the obscurity of the whole server and I stuck to main. I rarely even go on Creative anymore, but when I do it's just to make sure that my old builds hadn't yet been destroyed. Now I hear this noise about one in-game company suing another, which I find is BEYOND ridiculous. I miss all the good in the server, and now I think I'm going to wait until the next time it resets before I come back fulltime again.