Posted: 1 year ago

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Years ago, I attempted to do something big, but it failed. This time, I will try this again in January. In January, I plan to hold a convention called International Attraction and Roller Coaster Convention (IARCC). In this convention, you will be able to put your attraction or roller coaster up for people to ride and for judges to rate. I plan to either hold this in an undisclosed location or Langia. Not only that, but at IARCC, we will also hold the 2nd official MCA's. We will have multiple different categories, such as Most Beautiful Park, Best Roller Coaster, Best Hotel, Most Creative Player, Best CM, a Creative Achivement Award, and most prestegious, Best Park, and much more! I will start setting booths and ballots on Christmas Day. I also plan to host the MCA's. I hope to see you there!


Posted: 11 months ago

This reminds me of TPC (Theme Park Con)