A Few Updates On My Absenceo


Posted: 1 year ago

Last Edited: 1 year ago

First off, you may have noticed the signs in Langia. I was on for Thanksgiving and I will be on for Christmas. That partually explained my absence and when I plan to get oback on. I do plan on returning in January. I've been gone for so long due to poor grades. My next report card is due to come out after Christmas Break. I want to try and be on via Minechat, but that's it. Just like what DolphinCharlie said, while I was gone, things had happened, including a "Presidential Election." If I do return in January, I plan to do some important things. First things first, NO government. You already know my opinion on that. Thank God Ryan and Darren ended that. Second off, bring Creative back together. Recently, Creative has been split into 2. Those who support LBC and those who want it taken down. That sparked a riot. Why would we even consider having a riot in a place of creativity?
Whoops! Something happened and it posted itself before it finished i'll have a second post finishing it.