Posted: 1 year ago

I have come back from a long break. When I came back, I noticed Creative wasn't the same. Players that always played there quit, no one helping eachother, all the way to a Creative President. I am making this to say, we want you players back. Any players who have recently, used to, or played on McParks A LONG TIME ago, we want you to come back. This even applies for Webcon and 727Mikey and all those players. Yes, so, Creative is lacking in stuff now, we can fix that! Together, as a team. Oh well, thank you.


Posted: 1 year ago

Last Edited: 1 year ago

I agree DolphinCharlie.
We need to make Creative the server it used to be.
The movement of #RebuildMCParksCreative may be dead to some,
but it isn't over.