HUGE CSL Update {InsaneAtom}


Posted: 1 year ago

As most of you know, CSL has been inactive for a while now. Before I left for a while, I had people ask what happened to CSL? CSL isn't going anywhere. In fact, I have a huge announcement. CSL will hold a tournament called the Creative Spleef Classic (CSC). Over Thanksgiving Break, 8 of the best spleefers will battle it out in a tournament over the course of 4 days, until Thanksgiving, where we will hold the finals! Not only will the winner be crowned winner of the CSC, they will also be crowned the first ever Spleef Singles Champion! They will also have a huge "mural" of their gameplayer head into a possible CSL HQ. That's not all! We will also hold a team match for the Spleef Championship Cup, between Flagopolis and Cowville! CSL is back and better than ever! #CSC


Posted: 1 year ago

Gamer is currently running CSL while you're gone. We have 6 teams in total I believe.


Posted: 1 year ago

Correct, we have 6 times in 2 leagues. In the earth league we have the Flagopolis Warriors, the Langia Towers and the Cherry Hill Streethoppers. In the world league we have the Cowville Mooers, the Aljann sandstorm and the St. J Phoenix. Our first official season was CSL-Fall which Streethoppers won. Towers took CSL-Thanksgiving Showdown. Thanksgiving Showdown counted as a real season. CSL-Winter starts in early December. Here were the results of CSL-Thanksgiving Showdown...

Earth League Regular Season:
Langia v.s. Cherry Hill-> Langia
Cherry Hill v.s. Flagopolis-> Cherry Hill
Flagopolis v.s. Langia-> Langia
Earth League Playoff:
Cherry Hill v.s. Langia-> Langia

World League Regular Season:
Aljann v.s. Cowville-> Cowville
Cowville v.s. St. J->Cowville
St. J v.s. Aljann-> St. J
World League Playoff:
Cowville v.s. St. J-> Cowville

Langia v.s. Cowville->Cowville
Cowville v.s. Langia->Langia
Langia v.s. Cowville->Langia

Langia were the champions.