Creative Is Slowly Dying {InsaneAtom}


Posted: 1 year ago

First things first, sorry about not being on saturday. Some things happened forcing me not to be on. Anyway, why is creative doomed for the worst? Not because of LBC, not because of who owns who, or even recent creative shutdowns. It's because of the drama over LBC. On one side, people see LBC as the company that buys virtually everything and controls creative via government. On another side, people see the government as a good thing and LBC doesn't buy everything. Honestly, neither are wrong, but at the same time, neither are right. LBC doesn't buy or own everything. Although, I believe this government thing is stupid (No offence to Lang). Creative is a free, build what you want place. Excluding CM's, no one should control that. CM's are trusted OFFICIAL admins. Benja and Fighter are the only ones that can say what you can and can't say and/or do. You know why? Because they are CM's. Anyway, now that my opinion is out there and I am on NO ONE'S side, the drama is getting much worse, even to the point of the ungodly annoying creative war. The worse this drama gets, the more it kills off the fun of building. This is NOT what creative is for. I've seen people get banned for some of the stupedist drama out there. Why can't people just get along and try to start beef? If this continues, people will either lose intrest here or get banned, creative will have less and less people come, and staff will just shut it down due to a low amount of people showing up.


Posted: 1 year ago

I believe that this links back up to the Restart of the MCParks Creative Era post.
I agree with the content described in the post as well.
However, I unfortunately think that the drama is about to escalate with the #RebuildMCParksCreative movement.
Many players will be againist it, however in the end, I know we will be a united server once again.