The Restart of the MCParks Creative Era?


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I am TheWebCon.

It has been a long time since I have set foot on MCParks.
However, one thing is certain-
Creative has seemed to lose it's spark.

I came on Creative those many years ago,
and found Fighterbro9573, GamerAPT4,
and a bunch of other amazing MCParks community members
who were willing to help me start my MCParks legacy.

Those moments when I was really young on Creative shaped my childhood.
However, i have grown and Creative has just, well...
...lost it's interest.

I've seen "companies" like LBC (LangBuildsCreative) and more that own, like, EVERYTHING.
Anything you try to make is either owned by LBC, or if it's not, they buy it, or "claim rights" to it before you do so they own it.

Then, there's the Creative government, which, is again, owned by LBC (I think), and they "enforce" rules and "Wars" happen on Creative which destroy beautiful parks and plots...

Then, the community. I'm not saying that anyone on Creative or MCParks is bad, however the community is not interested in what you are doing, therefore they don't come to your park openings, theater performances, etc... unlike the past, where a new park opening was rare and EVERYONE wanted to come.

I used to love Creative, however it's gotten so different and unwelcoming, that I started to look for other servers.

This one server I found recently was really welcoming. I made so many friends immediately. People actually came to your shows and parks. I felt like what I felt when I was younger, my first venture into MCParks.

That server was MCMagic.

I believe that MCParks Creative has lost it's critical element: That no-one cared whether it was good or not, official, owned by a company, approved by a CM, or anything else.

They came because it was nice to do so. Because it would be a nice experience. Not because it was owned by the biggest Creative company in the server, or survived the most recent war, or is yet another iteration of a popular theme park chain.

These companies, patents, governments, and wars need to stop. We need to become united once again. We need to rebuild Creative from the ground up, and start something so that we can give new visitors and regulars that experience I felt when I was younger. If we all do this, we can become a much happier server (and a more popular one) than we are now.

That would be the Restart of the MCParks Creative Era.

And a much glorious one at that.


Update: Companies and services aren't necessarily a bad thing. They help most players on the servers with help, but some include patents that restrict players opportunity.The companies that enforce their "patents" and "trademarks" and the governments that enforce their "laws" need to stop.


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Are you suggesting a map reset?


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This post is not requesting a map reset. I am simply stating that the whole idea of government and companies and "patents" are simply taking away from the overall Creative experience. I just want it to be the way it used to be, which was a lot more welcoming than it appears now. In fact, you can't really build much on the Creative server, because if you build something and another company already has a "patent" for it, you can't build it.

I simply want to stop the companies and patents and stuff because it takes away from the overall experience of the MCParks Creative server. I enjoyed it when it was simple- No government, companies, "Creative World Wars", and stuff like that. We should keep it simple, so that it is more enjoyable and appealing to all guests.


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I undersand, man. MCParks really has changed and is honestly not for the better. I am in no way bashing Lang or anyone on the server. In fact, Lang and I are great friends and I co-own LBC. But as an official co-owner, I really want to make some changes. When I come back in saturday for the opening of a major park, i'm going to talk to Lang about this whole buying everything and government situation. #RebuildMCParksCreative


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First, state everything LBC has bought and claim rights to anything in the last 3 months. I don't know about you, but LBC does NOT own everything. We do own large stuff such as LBC, obviously, APT Labs technically and Langia. Let's say for example: Flagopolis. Yes, LBC does have a relationship with the city itself but it does NOT own it. Second, LBC does NOT own ANY type of government. LBC is technically Langia but they are two completely different things. Same with Flagopolis, like I said, LBC has a relationship with the city. Yes, I am involved with the city of Flagopolis but I do not own it as of now, October/November 2016.
Third, we haven't had ANY sort of war in the last 3-5 months as of my knowledge and the last Creative War did NOT have any affiliation with me in any way. Yes, I was there of that "war" but I was not in any type of spot in the war. Forth, Creative was literally blowing up back then. Parks were clearly not anything normal you saw back then. Now, theme parks are just normal and plain, the whole community died off after they took down Creative for over a month. Fifth, we DON'T need a restart. Companies, "patents", governments are just there to make Creative more realistic which is what was Creative in a nutshell back in early to mid 2016. Sixth, MCParks Creative is technically owned by a company, which is MCParks duh. Lastly, companies, "patents" which I don't even understand, governments, all those stuff does NOT need to end. All of that is what makes Creative realistic, what if cities didn't exist. The answer there we wouldn't have many parks and amazing stuff such as Funland at Flagopolis, Dohanland, Kroby's African Adventure, Eastern Gardens Flagopolis, ThrillWorld, heck even FighterGalaxy.

actually lastly: Creative would LITERALLY FALL IN PIECES if all companies, governments and all that stuff ends. It is what makes Creative what it is now and what it was back in late 2015 and 2016. Web, you've also made a company yourself and now you want to end it? Tyler saying he will be going to the opening of a major park, IT IS LITERALLY A PARK FROM A COMPANY. FIGHTERPARKS.

langbuildsmc / october 28, 2016.


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Obviously I spend a lot of my time on Main and not creative but I don't really get why a Minecraft Creative Server needs to be realistic. The creative server operated fine before 2015 as well. As of today we are not planning any map resets however there is a lot more behind map resets than just what you see. Darren put out a servey today and we will determine our next course of action based on the results. If you want your voice and opinion heard in the matter then please fill out the servey. @everyone , if you play on Creative please take this survey:


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I'm just going to put in my response here but I really disagree with most of what's said above. As Lang said, LBC does NOT own everything but a lot isn't everything. It's like saying that China owns almost everything made in the world when in reality they own a lot but not every product made in the world. Companies can't own governments because that would make them globalist on the server. Creative governments do not make wars all the time and the last one was in May but the last ACTUAL one was in October last year. People on the server are not FORCED to go to other player's openings and stuff although they're encouraged to. They won't go is because they're busy with something or they aren't interested in its and it's OKAY to not be interested in it because they don't have to do everything that a guest wants them to do. Web, I hate to say this to you but I think you're hypocritical because you're calling for companies to end when YOU yourself own a successful company on the server.


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I want to say the whole company thing is a BIG waste of time since you wouldn't get any customers. Unveiling products is also just stupid since nobody will be there. Creative is losing all hope since almost no1 will help you especially with big builds (hotels, parks, etc.) since everyone is doing their own thing. W/E is affecting that all ways possible which I explained on another post about this. We can just vote for WorldEdit and other amazing perks that can make creative amazing.


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I agree with you. There must be a new Era of Creative.And create the TRUE GOLDEN AGE of Creative.


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Honestly, this drama about LBC is ungodly annoying. Drama is killing creative. #NoMoreDrama. Although I can agree with the government thing. Check out my last post and you will see my opinion on this entire situation


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In response to replies on the forums:

LangBuildsMC: I did not state that LBC owns Creative through the Creative government. I just find that, because companies own patents for certain attractions, they are restricting what new guests can build, and sometimes stealing. I am not directly talking to LBC about these matters, but almost all Creative companies that own "patents" of some sorts.

727mikey, Carolinafan01, and tylermerrifield: I agree too, and removing the companies and patents would definitely make Creative more popular than it already is and the community would be more engaged and positive.

BenjaminCamelot: I am not stating that they were forced, I was just saying that the community used to be a lot more engaged in the rest of the community in the past. Sorry if I confused you there :) By the way, I permanently closed RayTech. Don't you remember?

W2D5W8: Thanks for making the survey :)

Darren: A map reset would also be OK, however a lot of parks just recently opened up on the server. I think that would anger the builders of them :/

Thanks for reading this post.


Ben: I am not being hypocritical. I closed RayTech after the "incident" at FighterWorld.
...and I do not regret it.
Update: Companies and services aren't necessarily a bad thing. They help most players on the servers with help, but some include patents that restrict players opportunity.The companies that enforce their "patents" and "trademarks" and the governments that enforce their "laws" need to stop.


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You know, as someone who has been on MCParks since 2012, I can honestly say Creative got worse within the last 2 years. I'm not going to sugarcoat this either. The main reason for this downhill in quality is BECAUSE of companies and governments and creative presidents. For everyone who thought creative was better off with these governments, cities and companies, you are sincerely wrong because now look at what has happened; creative has fallen apart and now has since been mostly abandoned.

Back when I first played on Creative, it was an amazing experience. So many players to meet, make friends with, and just generally have a good time. This was a time when building Theme Parks were the big deal, and you actually meet people because you helped them and they helped you. Nowadays, it seems like people meet each other through conflict and creative war or company negotiations.
Is this real life?! Creative is not meant to be "realistic".

Creative used to be fun place where anyone could build a theme park or anything they wanted to, and people would support them and therefor spark new relationships.

This is definitely not the case now. I mean it also didn't help that the CM's gradually started to place rules and restrictions on creative. But even then, they wouldn't have done that if these governments, cities, and companies had never arose!
It may seem pointless to complain now, as since everyone involved has since abandoned creative and moved on. So, to all new players, I ask of you to learn from this generation's mistakes, and make creative what is once was, because obviously we lost sight of what it meant to be "Creative"...