Disneyland release and Early Access questions.


Posted: 10 months ago

A while ago, Disneyland was in beta. Unfinished rides, no audio but as a Southern California resident I was happy to see my favorite place on earth be recreated now there is early access, in order to enter the Disneyland server I would have to pay, which is reasonable. If I where to pay would Rides have audio? Would rides like Pirates be completely unfinished?
Then again, if I don't pay and just wait, is there any place/site to view progress on Disneyland. My main point is if I bought it, would I regret it. I'm aware I shouldn't be asking CMs If i should spend money on the server they work on, the obvious answer from them would be yes. I just have questions, I don't get reliable answers during meetings so that is why I'm asking here.


Posted: 10 months ago

Long answer short, if you want completed rides and builds with Audio, don't buy it and wait for the official opening. Early Access is a way to explore some of our parks before they're open to the public, or even completed! It's a way for you to view our parks as they're being built by our Imagineers and get some insight into our building process! As Such the rides and buildings are not completed and are still being actively worked on. It's meant for people who would like to be Imagineers in the future, have an interest in the building process that we do or people who just want to help out the server. Think of it as buying a game in it's Beta versions. You get the bare bones at first and as time goes by more is completed until it's done. It's a great way to report bugs or inaccuracies to the Imagineers building it, However if you are looking for a fully complete park with working rides and audio, this is not it. New Disneyland will, however, be free to explore once it is completed and at that point it will have Audio, Tech, Etc.


Posted: 10 months ago

I have bought the Early Access for DL/DCA when I was still a guest. Personally, I live on the West coast and I am not familiar with the parks in Florida. By buying the Early Access, I get to see my favorite rides being built. I love DCA a little more then DL. That is one reason I bought it. The oldDL has a very, very imcomplete DCA. The newDCA look amazing and incredible! From the few weeks that I have it, I absolutely love it. If I'm not riding with guests or doing personal work (standing still in WDW), I'm in the EA DL. I have not regretting the purchase at all! I'm not trying to convince you, but I'm just giving an honest opinion about it. Hope this helped a little bit! :D


Posted: 9 months ago

Glad you're enjoying the park so far!