Posted: 1 year ago

I was banned and muted because i said I liked McMagic better. Can someone talk ot me about tis so I could get things straight? Thank You!


Posted: 1 year ago

Make sure you post an appeal in the Ban Appeal section should you want to be unbanned. Here's a guideline on how you should write your appeal:

Date of Ban (estimated):
Ban Reason:
Why you should be unbanned:


Posted: 1 year ago

Yes please make a proper appeal appeal under the "Ban Appeals" section of the forums using the template that smashy provided.

To clear up the confusion we do ask that you do not mention other servers in chat. This is because as a community that is all focused on doing similar things tensions between servers are sometimes high. Therefore in order to keep the interserver drama off the server we will as that you do not mention them. If you continue to do so after being told not to you may be muted and/or banned.