Posted: 11 months ago

I have been on this server since last august? Since then I have seen a massive (real) mountain, made of stone iirc. Since then, I want to find it to film a Nickelodeon Guts thingy (if any of you know what that show was). It had snow last time i saw it, that's how long it has been. If anyone knows where it is/what it is/if it has been removed, please do not hesitate to tell me. It could be right under my nose, i don't know.


Posted: 11 months ago

The Nickelodeon studios closed for good in real life in 2012 so they no longer exist. as for mountains many parks have mountains, the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland both have Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. Disneyland also has the Matterhorn Mountain and Disney's Animal Kingdom has Expedition Everest. I don't believe Universal has any major mountains.