Volcano Bay Questions


Posted: 1 year ago

Volcano Bay is coming to MCParks this summer, and I have a few questions on how it will work. First off, will you use TapuTapu? Second, how would you implement many of the different features you can do with TapuTapu? Third, how do you plan to make a Minecraft water park just as fun as any other theme park?


Posted: 11 months ago

TapuTapu is mainly just a queue system to my knowledge, similar to a fastpass but with no standby queue. That being said since in minecraft wait times are very minimal or nonexistent then we don't really have a use for TapuTapu. The slides will all work however in a similar but simpler way to how Tower of Terror works and they'll still be fun effects and easter eggs like at all our other parks.


Posted: 11 months ago

Yes, Tapu Tapu will be used to check into rides, but we will not have the reservation system set up. However all the interactive touchpoints will be located around the park.