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Posted: 8 months ago

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What's your favorite park? What's your favorite ride? I'd like to know! Tell us what ride/park you are looking forward to opening!
My favorite park is the Animal Kingdom! I love the Haunted Mansion though, which is actually in the Magic Kingdom! I am so excited for Tokyo Disneyland, and Animal Kingdom! Next time you're on, ask for a tour of your favorite park, I'd love to show you around. I might give some secrets about the park too! Thanks!
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Posted: 8 months ago

Islands of Adventure is my favorite park and The Incredible Hulk Coaster is my favorite ride!


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My favorite park in real life would have to be Disneyland, however my two favorite rides are in Epcot. My two favorite rides are Ellen's Energy Adventure, and Grand Fiesta Tour. On the server my favorite parks are Magic Kingdom and Universal.


Posted: 6 months ago

My favorite ride is the seven dwarfs mine train and my favorite park is Magic kingdom. I am also really exited to see if you guys are going to build soaring!


Posted: 4 months ago

My favorite Park is Animal Kingdom and my favorite ride is The Carousel Of Progress. I am looking forward to the revamped Disneyland and California Adventure.

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Posted: 4 months ago

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My favorite is Universal Islands And I love Harry Potter ride
My favorite is Universal Islands And I love Harry Potter ride