MCParks Server Rules


Posted: 1 year ago

Since the /Rules command currently isn't working the rules to the server will be posted here as well as /warp Rules on the Walt Disney World server.

Welcome to MCParks, and Thank You for taking the time to read our server rules!
Remember, if at any time you aren't sure about a rule, feel free to ask a Guest Relations!
These rules apply to all MCParks servers as well as the Website, Discord and other media associated with MCParks.

[1] Please listen to the Cast Members at all times. They use their best judgment in all situations to try and keep the peace on the server.
[2] Please be respectful to everyone. Bullying others is not tolerated on the server.
[3] Please keep the chat friendly for little ears. This means no swearing or using foul language of any kind in text, private Message, Mail and Voice Chats.
[4] Do not ask the Cast Members about the status of your application. Doing so may result in your application being deleted. A general rule of thumb is that if you don't hear back after 2 weekly Wednesday meetings then it was likely denied unless told otherwise.
[5] Do not grief or attempt to break blocks. Doing so will result in either a temp ban or a full ban depending on damage.
[6] Please stay inside the parks. the outside land is just flat anyway so there isn't much to see.
[7] Please do not spam the chat with random or repeating messages, characters or Caps. Please keep "screaming" on rides to a minimum.
[8] Please do not advertise any other servers, YouTube Channels, Social media or anything unrelated to MCParks while on the server unless told to do so by a Full Cast member (Imagineer, Guest Relations, tech, Manager, Owner)
[9] Please use common sense at all times while playing on MCParks
[10] Please do not share any personal information while on the server. This includes, Age, Gender, Location, School/Work, Sexual Orientation, etc
[11] Please keep all Political, Racial, Religious, Sexual and other sensitive views off the server.
[12] Parkouring is allowed unless it interferes with Rides or Shows. Please stay out of Redstone/Command Block areas. Please also stay off the tracks of the rides.
[13] Remember to Have Fun!

Failing to follow these rules may result in, bus is not limited to, a Warning, Mute, Loss of Privileges, Kick, Temporary Ban or Full Ban. By playing on the MCParks server or else using the Website, Discord and other media associated with MCParks you are agreeing to follow the rules or risk the consequences.