Tpa Lag :(


Posted: 1 year ago

The server is flawless every single ride to the construction. But I tried to teleport to a friend of mine named Curlz500 while on the pirates' ride. It glitched out and I was kicked for 'sending too many packets'. And I tried to relog and spawned in teh water beneath the ride and it kicked me again seconds later. I rejoined, and I was kicked I tried to type '/spawn' and i couldn't chat either. To all the staff out there please try to ban me and then unban me from the server so it takes me out front when I respawn. Please return: One Epcot shirt $75 and one Nikon Camera. (The Items I recently Had)

Please and Thank You,


Posted: 1 year ago

The server was having issues that day which should be resolved now.